what is economy shipping?

Economy shipping is a type of shipping service that typically offers slower delivery times than other shipping methods at a lower cost. This type of shipping is often used for less time-sensitive items or for customers who are willing to wait longer for their packages in order to save money.

Economy shipping

What is Economy Shipping Cost

Economy shipping can be different from other forms of shipping in a number of significant ways. These ways include the following:

  • Economy shipping generally takes longer than other forms of shipping. In exchange the cost of economy shipping is substantially lower. Waiting a few more days for shipping to save some money might be worth the wait. 
  • Potentially has more reroutes in the mailing system due to it's nature. 
  • Often times Economy shipping comes with less tracking options or even no tracking at all. 

How Long Does Economy Shipping Take?

Economy shipping is generally offered by carriers as a less expensive option compared to other types of shipping services, such as standard or expedited shipping. It is often the slowest and least expensive way to ship a package.

    What is the cost of Economy shipping?

    Economy shipping is distinguished from other modes of transport by a number of fundamental characteristics, one of which is its often lower cost. Customers that are interested in reducing the amount they spend on shipping charges may find this to be an appealing alternative to consider. If a consumer is ready to wait a few extra days for the delivery of their shipment, for instance, they may decide to go with economy shipping rather than expedited shipping in order to save money.

    Economy Shipping Tracking

    When compared to other shipping methods, economic shipping is characterized by longer transit times, lower costs, and potentially fewer tracking options and insurance coverage alternatives. Customers who want to be able to track their packages and have their packages insured for the full worth of their contents may find this to be a disadvantage. Customers who want to be able to track their packages may also find this to be a drawback.

    Weight Limit Economy Shipping

     Postal Service Weight Limit

    70 LBS


    70 LBS


    150 LBS


    154 LBS

    Size Limit Economy Shipping

     Postal Service
    Size Limit

    (L + 2W + 2H) cannot exceed 104 inches


    (L + 2W + 2H) cannot exceed 84 inches


    (L + 2W + 2H) cannot exceed 165 inches


    94 inches (length) x 47 inches (width) x 86 inches (height)

    How Fast is Economy Shipping?

    The term "economy shipping" refers to a sort of shipping service that, in comparison to other shipping methods, features longer arrival periods but cheaper overall costs. Customers who need their packages delivered quickly or who want full tracking and insurance coverage may not find it to be the best choice, but it can be a good option for customers who are willing to wait longer for their packages in order to save money. However, it may not be the best choice for customers who need their packages delivered quickly.

    What's the difference between economy and priority mail?

    Economy mail is a slower and less expensive shipping option that typically takes longer to arrive, while priority mail is a faster and more expensive option that is typically delivered within 1-3 business days.

    Which is faster economy or standard shipping?

    It depends on the specific shipping service being used. In general, standard shipping is typically faster than economy shipping, but this can vary depending on the carrier and the shipping method selected.

    Is economy cheaper than standard?

    Yes, economy shipping is typically cheaper than standard shipping due to the longer delivery times and slower shipping speeds. However, the cost difference between the two may vary depending on the shipping service and the specific package being sent.

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