RV side hustle update

RV update. Strap in for this wild ride. From fully functional RV to broken and stolen and back to rent ready.

I had a renter run my generator for 4 days straight. Come to find he also mush have hit something as the exhaust pipe was crushed. Because of that the generator over heated and blew a piston.

I called into every RV repairman in town to get it fixed in between rentals and find a guy on google with 7 5-star ratings. I drop it off to him to have him replace / fix the generator.

He has it for 3 days after he told me he was only going to take 4-5 hours to fix it. Third day I check my AirTag and my RV is 80 miles away and heading south on the I-15.

I call the mechanic and text him with no answer. So I called the police. They ask me a hand full of questions. Shortly after I see my AirTag start making its way back towards St. George.

Trust me when I tell you how important my Apple AirTag was in this whole process. If you buy an RV do yourself a huge favor and make that a first purchase. It’ll pay dividends.

The police called me back 15 minutes later and asked me to update them on the RVs location. They seemed super interested in my mechanic.

I helped them with mechanic’s location and they ARRESTED him. I got a call from a cop asking me to pick up my RV.

I showed up and my RV was in decent condition. Generator he replaced works, but isn’t a “1,000 hour generator” like he said. Some of the wiring doesn’t work on it. But it powers everything in the RV.

To my surprise he (kind of) fixed my RV. Those are more details I’ll get to them in a full post on my blog.

I fury cleaned the RV and paid
someone to come help me get it rent ready. I got it fully detailed and all the sheets switched and cleaned 1 hour before renter showed up to take it for two weeks.

Had the “new” generator in the RV running for 4 hours and it ran smooth. Double and triple checked the RV and it was ready for rent.

I informed the renter what was going on. I’ll probably call them every few days to insure things are going smoothly.

And my RV will rented for the next 2 weeks! Wooo it’s been a wild ride. I have an insurance claim from the original renter that smashed the exhaust pipe.

Worst case scenario I will pay $1k and learned a harsh lesson about vetting my renters a little more. This month I’m going to net $4k. So I’ll just take that as a pricey lesson.

That being said I’m still planning on buying another RV! Get stoked! Part 6 let's goooo.

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