I Bought a RV

I bought a RV with the goal to earn $1k a month on average profit. I went out and took out a loan on the RV, I put $0 down and even took a loan out for license and registration. I bought a 2017 Class C Thor Freedom Elite 32F.

RV Rental St George

RV Rental Earnings

I was totally worried because I posted them on RVshare and Outdoorsy and didn't get even a message from either platform for almost a month. Then one day the RV gates of heaven opened and rained on me bookings and I'm booked a month and a half out at this point. 

It's been 3 months since ownership and earnings are as follows:

  • June: Negative $600 - Ouch!
  • July: $1,700 - $700 (expenses) = $1,200 PROFIT
  • August Projected : $4,700 - $700 (expenses) = $4,000 PROFIT

Total profit since purchase: $4,400

Average monthly income: $1,467

RV Expenses

  • Insurance: $100 / mo.
  • Payment: $500 / mo.
  • Maintenance Fund: $100 / mo.
  • Cleanings: $100 per rental ( I charge $100 to clean it so it's a wash )

If there are any experienced RV renters out there that have insights if I should be saving more then I'll gladly take your advice. 

RV Rental St George Utah

Message me if you're interested in booking directly with me. You will get a huge discount over paying through RVshare and Outdoorsy. I have the same insurance rates they do. Only difference is they get cut out as the middle man and you pay less and I earn more.

Call / Text : 435-429-1332

"Win win win when we all win" - Michael Scott


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