6 tips for renting your RV

The expenses associated with RV ownership might be partially or fully mitigated by renting out your vehicle. There are a number of options for renting out your RV, whether you're a full-timer with extra time on your hands or just an occasional user.

RV Insurance - 1

Before renting out your RV, double-check that you have liability coverage. This could necessitate purchasing more coverage or making changes to your current insurance plan. Especially if you plan on renting yourself without using a rental platform like RVshare or Outdoorsy. 

RV Maintenance - 2

Keep your RV in tip-top shape by servicing it regularly and cleaning it thoroughly. This will improve the likelihood that your tenants would use your services again and will assist guarantee a good experience for them.

RV Rental Rates - 3

Set the rates you'll charge for renting out your RV. Think about how much it will set you back to own and maintain an RV, as well as how much interest there is in RV rentals in your area. My goal is to 4x what it costs to own. So if my monthly total costs are $500 I expect to earn $2000. 

How to Rent your RV - 4

Online Marketpalces: RV rental marketplaces like Outdoorsy and RVshare are available online. Listing your RV on one of these sites lets you manage price and reservations on your own terms.

You may also post ads for your RV in local newspapers or on social media in your area. If you're trying to fill vacancies among local renters, this may be a viable choice.

Friends and relatives can be good candidates to hire your RV, and you can work out the terms of the rental with them directly. If you know the individuals you're renting to and don't want to post your RV online, this may be a suitable choice. Be sure to charge a refundable deposit to EVERYONE. Nobody will treat your RV as well you you will.

RV Deductibles - 5

Protip: charge a minimum refundable deductible of your maximum insurance deductible. 

For example say someone completely wrecks your RV and the insurance deductible is $1,500 then your refundable deposit should be $1,500. That is where I have my refundable deposit at currently for my RV.

Regardless of the method you use to rent out your RV, it's crucial that you keep in close contact with prospective tenants. Discuss the pick-up and drop-off procedures, any regulations or guidelines for operating the RV, and any potential fees before signing the rental agreement.

RV Photos - 6

Lastly, set your RV apart from all the other online posts by taking professional pictures. It'll pay off the first time you rent it and you can write it off as a business expense. It should be the first thing you do, be sure to stage it before pictures. I spent $600 staging the RV then I returned most the items. 

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