Warren Buffett Bitcoin Exposure

Warren Buffett Bitcoin Exposed

Warren has repeatedly slandered the good name of Bitcoin for years. Bitcoin isn't part of his portfolio directly but he has solid exposure.

Buffett spouts off every annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting that he isn't a fan of Bitcoin at all. In fact he has referred to it as "rat poison".

Warren Buffett Invests $1.5 Billion in Nubank

It seems to me that he is interested in getting exposure because he invested $1 Billion into Nubank months before the company went public in 2021 than again June 2022 with another $500 Million. Nubank is one of the worlds largest digital banks that enables over 54 million customers to trade Cryptocurrency. 

Nubank holds Bitcoin on their balance sheets. Exposure exposed, looks like Buffett has partaken of the "rat poison". I personally don't blame him when his own company has only returned 62.37% over the last 5 years compared to bitcoins 971.7%. Staggering. 

Bitcoin vs. Berkshire Hathaway

Does Warren Buffett have bitcoin?

No, Buffett says he does not own Bitcoin. But due to his purchase in 2021 he is now exposed to it and he is substantially exposed at that. 

Regardless of what Buffett and Munger say in their next annual meeting, know that they will benefit immensely from the exposure they have to Bitcoin. 

Will you?

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