Top 3 Growth Dividend Stocks 2022

These are my 3 growth dividend stocks I’m adding to my portfolio right now. After doing research I landed on these three and will be consistently adding to them over this year. Be sure to check out my weekly newsletter where I share more of my investing and wealth building strategies.

1) Microsoft (MSFT) - This text chain owns Windows, office 365, Xbox, Azure cloud services, LinkedIn, get hub and much much more. It is currently growing at a 0.84% dividend yield. Over the last 10 years the compound annual dividend rate of the dividend is 11%. Microsoft’s free cash flow per share has grown at a 10% CAGR over the last 10 years. Over the last couple of years the growth rate of Microsoft has accelerated, the azure cloud services that Microsoft owns has perform admirably well.

2) Lowes (LOW) – national retailer with growing online presence. They have incredibly fast growing earnings resulting in massive dividend growth. Over the last 10 years the compound annual growth rate of the dividend is 19%. Lowes has grown its free cash flow per share at a 19% CAGR over the last 10 years matching its dividend growth. I have them in my personal portfolio and have been very pleased with their growth.

3) UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UHN) – This is a diversified healthcare company that offers insurance services and software. Their earnings Have grown at a very reliable rate and it’s currently trading at a dividend yield 1.19%. Over the past 10 years the CAGR of the dividend is 24%, 18% over the past five years, and 17% over the past three years. The most recent dividend increase was 16% the payout ratio is 30% leaving lots of room for growth.

With Tesla hinting at having a dividend, I can do a dive into their models and let you know my opinion on investing into T as a dividend growth play.

Feel free to let me know in the comment section below if there’s anything that you would like me to cover. Thanks for reading and go get some XP.

Remember to do your own research these stock fit my portfolio and ,as not be a good fit for you, for that reason this isn’t financial advice. It’s what I’m adding to my portfolio.

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