Top 3 Dividend Tech Stocks

Top 3 Dividend Tech Stocks

If you're looking for a reliable way to generate income from your investment portfolio, consider investing in the Top 3 dividend tech stocks. These include the IBM tech juggernaut, the semiconductor giant Qualcomm, and the multinational IT giant Oracle. Each of these companies offers an attractive dividend yield. These stocks are not only safe but also relatively stable. Read on to learn about their financial health. But remember: tech stocks are volatile! Investing in them should be done only with care!

IBM Tech Juggernaut

There are two reasons why this tech juggernaut ranks as one of the top 3 dividend-paying tech stocks. The first reason is the fact that its stock is not exciting, with only two brief periods of price rises in the past year. However, IBM is far more attractive as a dividend-paying stock than a large position stock. Regardless of what you believe about IBM, clipping the dividend coupon is a great way to enjoy high dividend yields and a nice yield.

The second reason that this tech juggernaut is one of the best dividend-paying stocks is its long-term growth potential. Big Blue is a leader in personal computers and has been operating in a number of tech sectors for decades. They manufacture computer systems and maintain software, networking systems, storage devices, and microelectronics. IBM is an incredibly large company that reaches into countless industries and businesses. Although its dividend is not particularly juicy, it is worth considering for the long-term investor.

Qualcomm Semiconductor

Qualcomm is one of the best-performing dividend tech stocks right now, and for good reason. The company just announced a 10% dividend increase for its current quarter, which implies a yield of 1.99%. Qualcomm's new CEO plans to grow the company's addressable market by $700 billion over the next decade, with growth coming from its expansion into automobiles and Internet of Things devices. The company is also optimistic that its supply-chain issues will have improved by 2022. Global chip shortages have hampered production, sales, and profit margins, and Qualcomm management believes that these issues will be resolved in the next few years.

While the broader market is struggling to recover from the recent decline, the three top tech dividend stocks are poised to make a return in the coming months. Qualcomm is expected to be a top dividend stock in 2019, while the other two are high-growth, high-dividend stocks. The latest sell-off is backed by rising yields, an investor shift to value stocks, and expectations for economic recovery and social distancing. Meanwhile, some Wall Street names are blaming tech stocks for their lofty valuations. Morgan Stanley's chief investment officer believes that tech stocks have reached record highs and that the company's growth prospects are based on low interest rates.

Oracle Multinational IT Giant

In this bull market, investors have few options but to look for dividend stocks with higher growth prospects. While most tech companies have experienced slow growth in recent years, the multinational IT giant is still a great investment. Its stock is up over 45% year-to-date. Investors who want consistent growth should consider buying the stock. Here are three top dividend tech stocks to consider. The companies listed above are all paying out high dividends.

Oracle is a good value play and offers investors the chance to take part in an attractive cloud transformation. The company has partnerships with the health-care industry and TikTok, and momentum is building in its SaaS business. While its current volatility in tech stocks could weigh on its share price, Oracle has some upside. The company is also considering buying Cerner, another tech giant, for $28 billion.

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