Strong Coin Price

What is Strong coin price? We've heard a lot about StrongBlock lately, but what's its purpose? What is a strong token? I answer all these below. 

STRONG coin price 


The StrongBlock ecosystem supports Ethereum miners. Nodes on the StrongBlock network are rewarded with STRONG tokens. As a user, you must contribute 10 STRONG coins to get started. Then, you'll receive daily rewards based on your participation in the StrongBlock network.

However, the StrongBlock ecosystem also supports other cryptos. To join the StrongBlock ecosystem, you must have at least ten STRONG tokens and MetaMask installed on your computer. Then, you'll be able to deposit ETH or another crypto into your wallet.

 strong coin price

What is a STRONG token?

Initially the STRONG team generated 10 million STRONG tokens, they burned roughly 95% to develop stronger tokenomics. The system continues to burn STRONG tokens with each new node deployed to insure a deflationary token supply.

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