Money Gun Review

I'm going to review the top money gun on amazon and also give a few pointers of other items you might need. 


Money gun with dollar bills


Money Gun

This money gun is amazing, it gets the job done. Money comes out of it pretty fast and is super fun to use. If you're looking to make it rain at a party or create a fun experience, this is the one to buy

Be sure to buy extra dollar bills because they will go fairly quickly. Here are the ones I recommend

It is a quick and easy party trick to keep the masses happy for sure. 

Money gun pros and cons


  • Creates a fun experience for everyone. 
  • Comes with a stack of fake bank notes already. 


  • When you make it rain the notes don't all stay crisp because people step on them and crinkle them when picked up. So I recommend buying extra so you can reload and keep the fun going. 
  • Need to buy 4 AA batteries. They don't come included. 

If you are interested in making it rain on your personal investment portfolio. I share everything I have learned about investing here


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