Mindset is Everything

I learned mindset is everything after reading 30+ books on how to become wealthy. There is an overarching theme between all of the books. You need to change your mindset and perspective because mindset is everything. 

Millionaire Mindset

Imagine for a minute that you're inside a square room. You have set limitations that you put on yourself. Never in your life would you imagine that you're actually in a sphere. But if you were able to step outside your room you'd see that you actually are inside a sphere.

Your mindset is the same, if you step outside your comfort zone and take a new perspective you will alter your mindset and achieve higher boundaries you never imagined. 

Mindset is everything

Mindset Is Everything

When we are raised the vast majority of us get put into a box. We've all heard of the story of the fleas. 

A handful of fleas were put into a container and the fleas started jumping out. So a top was put on the container and the fleas jumped and hit to top and learned to stop jumping so high. 

Those fleas had little flea babies and those babies also only jumped as high as the cap on the container even though they had the physical capability to jump higher. At this point the cap was taken off the container and none of the fleas escaped even though they could. 

The best part about changing your mindset and your perspective is that it is possible. There are so many resources that you can pick up and learn from. I will list a few ways for you to find your way out of your current perspective. 

Mindset is everything

Find a Mentor

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, there is someone out there that is willing to mentor you absolutely free. Your job my young flea is to think outside the box about how you can captivate the mentor. 

You may likely hear a voice in your head like, all the people who are in my industry don't want to share their knowledge. Well then how about people who are out of the industry? If you are interested in Real Estate, there is a retired investor with nothing but time on their hands that is willing to share with you his or her time with you. He is likely bored and ready to teach you all he knows and help you expand your mindset. 

Be aware that mentors don't like their time wasted. So if you get picked up by a mentor it is your number 1 goal to follow every promise you give them. 

Don't be satisfied after your first mentor. Find another that will help you push the boundaries of what you thought possible again. 

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