Highest Annual Gain in Citadel History

Citadel, the hedge fund managed by Ken Griffin, who is also known as the world's worst teleprompter reader, achieved the highest annual gain ever achieved by a hedge fund manager in 2022, making a profit of $16 billion after fees. LCH Investments, a fund-of-funds, is the entity that made this information public and revealed that the top 20 performing hedge fund managers collectively generated $32 billion of net gains in 2022.

Citadel money printer

Large multi-strategy hedge funds such as Citadel, DE Shaw, and Millennium were responsible for the majority of the gains that were realized. However, according to estimates provided by LCH, managers of hedge funds lost a total of $208 billion in 2017. Only the top 20 funds managed to generate a return of 3.4%, while the remaining funds posted losses of 8.2%.

The year was marked by significant volatility in interest rates and currencies, which benefited funds that bet on movements in the macroeconomy but was detrimental to equity-focused funds, particularly those that placed an emphasis on growth stocks. Lone Pine Capital had the worst performance among the top 20 managers, losing $10.9 billion over the course of their careers.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the financial services company Citadel was able to achieve a significant profit as a result of a combination of successful trades in both the stock market and the bond market. The accomplishments of the business were not the result of a single, particularly large bet; rather, it was due to the company's extensive trading activities across a variety of markets.

Citadel has broadened its scope by expanding into various financial areas such as stocks, foreign currencies, commodities, credit indexes, exchange-traded funds, and interest-rate swaps, which has enabled them to generate even more revenue. Traditional options trading is still an important part of Citadel's business, but it isn't the only thing they do.

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