happiest minds share price

One Success shouldn't be a secret. In fact it's scientifically proven that those who share and serve are rewarded with a higher levels of happiness. Why should this be important to you?

Happiest minds share

Sharing is Caring

Research has found that people who regularly share knowledge, experiences, and good fortune with those that they are close to experience a higher level of happiness. 

Now take this concept and apply it to money and you have yourself a formula for happiness for the rest of your life. Many people struggle with finances and don't understand how to harness the power it has. 

I grew up what most would consider poor. I saw from a young age that poor money management led my single mother to have an overwhelming amount of stress. Which led her to work more, which led her to not be around us as much. As an adult I see that cycle being pretty nasty. Why do I share all this? 

Happiest minds share price

Break the Cycle

I got weirdly into finance and money in my late 20s. Prior to that I had the same money habits that were taught to me as a kid. I share this because I want everyone to know that is very likely you can break the cycle of poor money management and you can become financially free. What is the formula?

Sharing the "secret". I won't lie, it took a while at first for me to figure it out. But the best way to start is to either gain a mentor or an accountability partner. You will be shocked at the potential you will unlock in your life by finding someone who sees potential in you that you yourself doesn't see. 

Share Your Success

This article isn't about the steps you need to go through to unlock financial success. It is about changing your mindset. The thing you need to understand is that even someone who is earning $1million a year hits plateaus also. They look to find mentors who teach them to break their glass ceiling too. Celebrate every success you have on your path with your mentor or accountability partner.

Happiest minds share

Based on research when you share your life successes your body will release dopamine and encourage your habits. This will make it easier to take the necessary steps to take your plans to the next level. 

Happiest Minds Share Price

Share your price to success it will only lead you to higher levels of success. In the process you will encourage others to take themselves to the next level and that will only lead you to your own personal best. Share your price. 

I've read hundreds of self help books and the vast majority of the share the same principles of sharing. They often talk about giving back is a part of their success. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great starting point if you haven't read the book. It will change the way you view money for the rest of your life. 

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