Cardano Is About To Erupt

Cardano To The Moon

Marking history, Cardano’s ADA reached an all-time high of $3. For those who had made investments in Cardano, good news is all over the place. Breaking the $3 mark is a big win for Cardano and for those who believed in it. By rising this high, ADA has risen to more than 10% since September 1 when it opened at $2.77.

Carrying on the rising trend, Cardano is up by 1600% from the start of the year. Since the surge, the market observers are closely following the trend and speculating where it might stop.

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According to many observers, Cardano’s ADA is the best performing cryptocurrency in the top cap. Contrary to bitcoin that is struggling to move forward, Cardano is making rapid and steady progress. Observers have shown confidence that with the current upward trajectory, Cardano might reach as high as $3.24.

Buy The Cardano Dips

ADA is always following a trend. Whenever it reaches a local low, it always bounces back to the same amount or covers the same distance from the bottom. This makes investing in ADA an earning venture. Although investing in cryptocurrency is considered risky, the current rise suggests that you can earn well during a surge.

Keep an eye out for any dip and be prepared to buy. ADA has been a wildly successful investment in my portfolio, I bought in at .08 back in 2018 and have held. I've bought the dip time and time again and it has massively paid off. By buying during a down surge, you can make successive and easy gains during a high surge as the one we are observing today. One thing to note is that I’ve gone long with ADA, and I think that if you were to get in now that it would greatly benefit you by holding it 3-5 years.

Go Long With Crypto

Reason for this is that if you were to get into crypto now, you’d still be getting in early. The total amount of money in crypto is $2.3 trillion. In comparison Apple the company has a $2.5 trillion market cap. That being said the total amount invested in crypto world-wide is $2.3 trillion vs United States based company worth $2.5 trillion. In that scope crypto has a long runway ahead of itself and you can still see massive gains buying in now at all-time highs.

It is even being speculated that although ADA suffers a bit of resistance at the $2.95 but after passing this barrier smoothly it said that it could land at $3.50. Crypto analysts have run their tests and shown that it could break out again with all the bullish news surrounding Cardano.


The advantage Cardano has over others is that it's blockchain technology is fast. In the coming future, we are going to experience everything turning towards crypto. All of the music, arts, finance and social media would make a shift towards crypto. NFTs have their place in our world now. Currently there are large costs involved with selling NFTs just in the fee structure of other cryptos.

Cardano would alleviate those fees and be a fraction of the cost and run on a faster and smoother network. This could lead to an increase in the value of NFTs as money isn’t being dumped into the network as a massive gas fee. This way everyone benefits. The buyer and the seller have better experience buying and selling NFTs.

Cardano News

Cardano has deployed smart contract capability on Testnet and it has resulted in the expected surge of Cardano's ADA to $3. The price surge is characteristically in the anticipation of the smart contracts. This development has led to a 130% increase in Cardano over the last month and 2,300% over the last year.

With the $3 surge of ADA, the market capitalization of Cardano has reached $97 billion. The smart contract, Alonzo hardfork, is set to be deployed on 12th of September.

On September 2, Input Output, the company behind Cardano, announced in an official tweet that it has deployed the Plutus smart contract capability on the protocol’s testnet.

The final launch is being watched with careful eyes as it would open the floodgates to further upsurge. Those who have already invested in Cardano’s ADA are happy to see the price get higher and stabilize. It is a time that their investment is going to get them good returns. Therefore, I recommended going long with crypto as we’ve seen it skyrocket since it’s inception and people who do short trades ALWAYS kick themselves because they should have held it longer.

Cryptocurrency is a great way to maximize your investment and Cardano is a living proof that you can safely play and capitalize on these gains, just go long.

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