Big Tech Stocks That Pay Dividends

Tech Stocks That Pay Dividends

If you're looking for Tech Stocks That Pay Dividends, you've come to the right place. I'll list three of my favorites for this year. These companies are International Business Machines IBM, Intel INTC, and Texas Instruments TXN. You'll be happy you did! Read on to discover what makes each one such a great buy! If you're not familiar with these companies, you can learn more about their growth prospects by reading this article.

International Business Machines IBM

The forward dividend yield of International Business Machines is 4.81%. As of Feb. 08, IBM has paid 90 dividends. Its dividend per share has grown by 3.50% annually since Jan. 12, 2000. However, there are stocks that don't pay dividends. Dividend paying stocks are viewed as more reliable and can offer investors steady income as well as capital gains. Let's take a look at some of them.

Unlike many other companies, IBM pays dividends to shareholders who hold its registered stock. Dividend payments are generally determined by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determines the record date, when the shares must be held to receive the dividend payment. The dividend check is issued to investors approximately three days after the record date. IBM is a global business that specializes in software and services. Its global operations span five segments.

Intel INTC

If you're looking for a great tech stock with a high dividend yield, then look no further than Intel INTC. The company produces chips and processors and is the world's largest semiconductor company, generating $79 billion in revenue annually. The company is one of the market's leading players in the PC and server processor markets. While Intel's stock has been falling since the beginning of the year, it was already doing just fine before the selloff. The recent bad news has made the stock a lot cheaper, making it an even better bargain than before.

Even though Intel has been hurt by the chip shortage, the company bounced back quickly, making it a good stock to invest in as it's paying a generous dividend. With a price-to-earnings ratio of just 10, it's perfect for dividend collectors. Investors should take advantage of its robust dividend payout and strong share price appreciation. The company's recent quarterly results are irrefutable, which makes it a solid buy for any investor looking for a tech stock with a high dividend yield.

Texas Instruments TXN

If you've been a shareholder in Texas Instruments TXN, you know that the company is very consistent in increasing its per-share data and generating high returns on invested capital. Additionally, Texas Instruments has reduced its share float and continues to provide high returns on invested capital. Combined with its impressive dividend history, the company seems to be a good bet for investors looking for a stable income source.

The next time you buy Texas Instruments stock, make sure you buy it before it goes ex-dividend. The ex-dividend date is a day before the record date that determines which shareholders are eligible for a dividend. It can delay settlement if you miss the ex-dividend date. That means you should buy shares before the 6th of May and receive your first payout on May 17th.

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